Rwanda Eco Company and safaris is an Eco tourism company offering budget tours in Rwanda, as well as safaris through the East Africa region. We plan Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris, big game safaris, birding, hiking, and cultural tours in East Africa. We also provide high quality destination management services (DMC) in Uganda and Rwanda for travel companies from across the globe.Our budget tours in Rwanda are extended to take you through the beautiful countries in Eastern Africa; Uganda where you can also enjoy Rwanda  gorilla trekking safaris, Kenya where you can enjoy big game safaris, and Tanzania know for trekking mountains and big game safaris. You will really experience the outdoors, meet locals, eat and sleep well in the comfort of Luxury safari lodges, standard hotels and camps.

On our budget tours in Rwanda you enjoy an adventure tour like no other. While on an African safari with us, you will experience nature at its best, traveling with our experienced tour guides and a few like-minded travelers.You’ll have the chance to see Africa’s Wildlife in their natural habitats/national parks, challenge yourself a little with some hikes… or learn a lot about Africa’s tourism products! Our trips are designed for real people with various interests such as mountain gorilla trekking safaris, birding in Uganda, Ecotourism and game viewing tours to safari parks but with conservation in mind. Our Budget Rwanda and Uganda safaris are filled with various adventure activities as well. If you like to walk, trek, hike, paddle, cycle, or raft, you’ll love our trips!


Our budget tours in Rwanda are specialized in tailor-made tours and private guided safari tours to all the major tourist destinations in the country. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or visiting Rwanda or Uganda for the first time, you will enjoy the diversity of the Country with the security, convenience, flexibility and exceptional knowledge that our professionals offer.